Our Lady Speaks Specifically of the “Apostles of the Light of Her Immaculate Heart” as the New Means by Which She Shall Speak to the World


Let me reveal my plan to save the nations.  I will not be able to save all because their darkness resists my light.  Only those who are swept up into my light will experience my saving action.

Also, my saving actions will vary, at least in their external forms.  When a persecution breaks out do not some suffer martyrdom and some are preserved.  Yet all were guided by my light.  So, it will be with the events.  All will be touched differently, even those who are filled with my light.  There will be no uniform result.  Yet my light will be effective in every one who trusts and believes in me.

How can I pour out this light?  Usually, I choose messengers, appear to them, provide signs and wonders, give messages and attract many to come.  In this way, light goes forth and love for me increases.  I will not neglect this means, but controversies arise and enemies speak out.  Much of the light is lost or diminished.  Limits are set and the welcome sign is taken down.  People even wonder if the blessing they experienced was true.

So, I must use another plan.  This is exactly why I speak.  Catholics are used to apparition sites which have strengthened their faith.  Even if they have not personally visited there, they have read and heard the stories.  The events strengthen their faith.  They know that I love them and have visited them.

In this age of darkness, I will use another plan.  No one will be able to block my path of light.  Listen closely to what I am doing because the light is at your doorstep.  Do not wait for another apparition.  They are true and valid but I must act more quickly.   Realize this, all the light which usually flows from these sites is now readily available everywhere.  I am ready to break through into everyone’s heart, especially your own.  The normal ways are stymied and I must create new ways that no one can block.

Let my light break forth right now, in every heart that believes, in every soul that is reading these locutions.  Let the light break forth now.  This will be the greatest sign, that all are filled with new light with no need of an apparition.

Comment:  Our Lady’s light is available right now within your heart.

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