Two Worlds Collided. . . !

I must say I was more than delighted when I came across two of my favorite intellectuals conversing with each other!

I’ve been reading the brilliant works of Peter Kreeft for many years now, having stumbled across his book, “Fundamentals of the Faith,” when I was 18 – one year after a life-altering pilgrimage to Medjugorje. It was through Medjugorje that Our Lord, Jesus Christ, by way of His and our Most Holy Mother, Mary Immaculate, had truly and definitively captured, and taken possession of, my heart. Yet, my head was still clouded with questions of every sort. Until this period in my life, I was completely ignorant of the discipline of Christian Apologetics, which consists in the study of logical arguments, which provide sound, philosophical reasons for accepting Christianity as not only sound and logical, in its own right, but truly the best possible belief system for any man or woman. Hence, while Jesus and Mary had captured my heart, they used their gifted son, Dr. Peter J. Kreeft, to convince my head, by answering so many questions that remained – questions to which I had no idea there were answers! Dr. Kreeft’s marvelous above-mentioned book, which just happened to be standing on a small rack of books outside the main office of the Newman Center, on the UMass Amherst campus, caught my eye. The cover of this particular book is very subdued; I now know it was the Holy Spirit prompting me to pick up this book, in answer to my prayer for knowledge, wisdom and understanding, concerning this new reality, which had taken such loving possession of my heart and soul, and which was about to take complete and total possession of my mind, as well!

Fast forward 28 years, and, as a Licensed Mental Health and Pastoral Counselor, my two favorite academics have finally met. My love for Philosophy, Theology and Psychology, for the Mysteries of God and the Human Person, are being discussed by two of the most outstanding and gifted minds of our times. Let us watch, together, the fireworks display that shall below take place!!

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