Victim Souls

Our Lady of Borg in-Nadur (Under Investigation)

Although I usually restrict myself to the posting of already approved private revelations, this one of Our Lady of Borg in-Nadur, Malta, currently under official Church investigation, is a marvelous message that ties in beautifully with the devotion of the life-offering.  Mary, in this message, speaks of choosing certain souls who will suffer for the sins of mankind.  The first two paragraphs have been reproduced below, and should you desire to read the message in its entirety, which I whole-heartedly encourage you to do, you may click on the link below.
Fr Hayden, I am looking for people who will console me – for the conversion of the world, who would offer suffering for the conversion of sinners.  I am selecting these persons that they may atone for all the wrongs of the world.  I am holding back the wrath of the Eternal Father and presenting the blood from the Cross of my Son Jesus Christ to lessen, in God the Father, to lessen his wrath for the world.  Do not let this wrath increase for your country too.”
“These chosen persons are making a total offering – sacrifice and suffering.  Indeed, Fr Hayden, it is necessary that all of you fast, make penance and sacrifices for the Eternal Father’s wrath to subside.  Yes, he is very angry at the world and at those who lead it and at your country.  At present I am easing his anger in this way – by offering the blood that my Son Jesus shed for you on the Cross.”
To read the remainder of this message, please click here.