St. Louis de Montfort’s 33 Day Preparation for Consecration

Of all of the forms of Total Consecration to Jesus through His and our Most Holy Mother, Mary, the prevailing opinion of most Marian scholars (Mariologists) is that the 33-day method of preparation proposed by St. Louis Marie de Montfort (which is meant to culminate on a significant Marian Solemnity or feast day, and which, additionally, would constitute the official day and anniversary of one’s Act of Consecration) is, by all accounts, among the best of preparations (some would go so far as to call it “indispensable”) for those individual wishing to embark upon this profoundly sanctifying devotion.  Thus, for those seeking access to all the materials necessary to complete de Montfort’s suggested 33-day preparation, simply click here to be taken to the website, FishEaters, which has been established specifically for this purpose, and contains all the necessary links to the readings, books, prayers and documents necessary to complete the 33-day preparation.  Moreover, this wonderful site additionally has a calandar of significant Marian feast days, thereby facilitating the process of knowing exactly when to begin the preparation, in order to have your official day of consecration fall on a significant Marian feast or solemnity.

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