“Medjugorje and the Church” – An Excellent New Book on the Church’s Stance on Medjugorje

by Denis Nolan

Every authentic modern apparition of Mary, from La Salette to Lourdes to Fatima to Beauraing, has been a source of controversy and polemic while the phenomenon itself was in progress. Such is today the case with Medjugorje, which has been buffeted by waves of rumors and fabrications and malicious attacks. Lost in the din is the perspective of the universal Church. In Denis Nolan’s book you will find shocking new revelations about the Catholic Church’s true position on Medjugorje.

Did you know that for the first time in Church history the Vatican removed the jurisdiction over an apparition from the local Ordinary when the investigation into Medjugorje was taken away from the then-bishop of Mostar, Bishop Zanic?

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