Alleged Apparition of Blessed Virgin Mary, In Kenya, During Holy Mass… Captured by Video!

Our Most Holy Mother is so graciously appearing to Her many children, throughout the globe! Let us give thanks and praise to God, Our Heavely Father; His Beloved Son, and Our Lord Jesus Christ;w and the Most Holy Spirit, the Gift of God’s Divine Love, for permitting Mary Immaculate to continue Her magnificent visitations to us, Her wayward and sinful children. It is the personal conviction of this writer that, just as the natural presence of the Blessed Virgin on Earth, some 2,000 years ago, preceded the First Coming of Christ, in like fashion are these current supernatural visitations of Our Spiritual Mother both preceding and preparing us for the Second and Glorious Coming of Christ, in all His splendor and glory. Certainly, we await the final judgment of the authentic Magisterium regarding all these issues, and pledge unconditional assent of intellect and will to the definitive theological conclusions of Holy Mother Church.

Video footage of Our Lady appearing at the beginning of Holy Mass, February, 2023, in Kenya.

Our Lady’s Apparitions in Beauraing

By Michael K. Jones

By 1932, the Fatima prophecy was well underway. Communists were in power in Russia. Mussolini was leader of Italy. Hitler was rising in Germany. The world was in depression. Unemployment, bread lines, hunger and riots were wide spread.

In a French speaking part of Belgium, lay a village called Beauraing. Sixty miles southeast of Brussels, Beauraing was mostly a farming community of about 2000 people.

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