Father Steven Scheier’s Near-Death Experience and Condemnation to Hell – Saved Through Mary’s Intercession

Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary

Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary

by Jayson M. Brunelle

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve spoken to persons who insist on “going to the Source when in prayer,” as opposed to employing the profound intercession of Our Lady, Mediatrix of all Grace and Mercy.  The great Saint Louis de Montfort explains so eloquently how each of the Three Divine Persons has freely chosen to become dependent upon Mary (again, I repeat “freely chosen,” for, this “dependence” should not, in any manner, be construed as “necessary,” as though Mary were some type of supreme goddess, upon whom even the Most Holy Trinity would be dependent; rather, Mary is but a creature, whose many particular graces were merited in view of Christ’s passion, which, as we know, transcends both space and time).  The Father, Son and Holy Spirit have freely chosen to associate Mary with and in their most marvelous works.  For instance, the Eternal Father chose to become dependent on Mary’s fiat when He dispatched the Archangel Gabriel to announce to her the marvelous vocation to which God had called her.  Technically, Mary could have chosen to refuse God’s plan for her as the Mother of the Redeemer, for, this would have been a possible exercise of her free-will.  Likewise, God the Son chose to become a little child and to unreservedly entrust Himself to her maternal care throughout the entire duration of His Childhood and Adolescence.  Finally, the Holy Spirit freely chooses to associate Mary in His work of the distribution of Grace, to such an extent that not a single grace that comes from God comes to us but through the willed intercession of Mary, Mediatrix and Dispensatrix of all Grace and Mercy.

These truths regarding the absolute efficacy of Mary’s Maternal Intercession and the Lord’s inability to refuse His Mother’s requests is beautifully and most powerfully illustrated in the profoundly moving story below.  It is my earnest hope and prayer that the experiences of this Catholic priest, who had a near-death experience, was initially condemned to hell, and was then saved through the intercession of the Blessed Mother may ignite the flame of Marian devotion in the hearts and souls of all who view it.

Ave Maria!


    1. Amen! I’ve had a near death experience in 2014 that I have been trying to get awareness out about. The reason being, is that I had tried to take my own life-and I was sent to Hell; but it was known as Outer Darkness. I was cut off from all light-Heavenly light, physical light, the light of hope….and I was in a pit of pure blackness amongst vast numbers of people. It was beyond the most horrific experience and has completely reshaped my life. If anyone is interested in hearing the full account of my trip to Hell-in which I was given a glimpse of Heaven too!- I have my whole testimony up on my YouTube channel called “KEM EEE”. Just type KEM EEE into the YouTube search bar & you’ll see the video of my Testimony. Please have as many others hear the messages given to me by God that occurred during my Near Death Experience!! Very, very important message in my Testimony!

      1. Please forgive me for taking so, so long to get back to you… I’ve been so preoccupied with my business & work as a Christian Therapist that I’ve dropped the ball with this website. Again, I am so, so sorry

        I watched your amazing video…. Absolutely astounding!!!! What a wake-up call to the countless masses of folks, who have completely discarded the concepts, notions and REALITIES of SIN and HELL!!!!!

        I, both personally and professionally, cannot thank you enough for summoning the courage to make this video. Trust me, your testimony, through this video, will touch countless lives, and will, for many, literally and fundamentally alter the trajectory of their eternal destination!!!!

        I would love to have you as a guest on my podcast. My name is Jayson Brunelle, and I have a show called Mater et Magistra: The Glories of Mother Mary and Mother Church. Should you be interested, I enthusiastically encourage you to call or email me. My latest email is JMBRUNELLE@PROTONMAIL.COM; my cell is 860-207-0517.

        I sincerely hope to hear from you, even if you have no desire to do an interview, as I have been keenly interested in NDE’s my entire life – especially the one’s that seem to corroborate the traditional, ancient, Christian teacings concerning the dual reality of Heaven and Hell.

        Take good care, and may God bless you most abundantly for the incredible good you have done!!!


        Jayson Brunelle

  1. On this topic, here is a critical analysis about NDE from a Christian point of view:


    1. There seems, to me, to be absolutely no contradiction between the strikingly similar events that are reported in the myriad instances of NDE’s and Sacred Scripture, provided that the latter is being interpreted by the sole authority who has been charged with the proper interpretation of Scripture – the Magisterium of the Catholic Church. As a Catholic, I reject the notion of « sola Scriptura, » or « Scripture alone » as the primary and only source of Divine Revelation. My reason for this has everything to do with a very simple, common-sense axiom that an effect cannot be greater than it’s cause. Or, put another way, how is it that the infallible, inspired and innerrant collection of books, letters and other writings that collectively comprise what we refer to as « Sacred Scripture, » – written by different authors over the course of centuries – be the product of a group of fallible men, not inspired themselves whilst choosing the books that would comprise the Bible? Scripture can only be inspired and inerrant if the persons who wrote and assembled these writings were inspired themselves. Thus, the Sacred Living Oral Tradition of the Church, which may be defined as the Spirit of God working in, through and with the members of Christ’s Mystical Body, was inspired and guided, by the same Spirit, to put down on paper those truths which had been revealed by God to His People, throughout both the Old and the New Covenant, or the Old and New Testaments respectively.

      Why go off on this tangent regarding the prominent and necessary role of Sacred Tradition? Firstly, to explain how we could never have an inspired and inerrant effect (Sacred Scripture) emerge from an « uninspired » cause or source (the Magisterium, or, the bishops in union with the Pope); and secondly, to explain that the events reported by persons who’ve had NDE’s are in perfect accord with what the Church teaches about death. Specifically, the Church distinguishes between a « particular judgement, » that each individual experiences at the moment of death (which is said to include a « life review, » which is precisely what is described by those who’ve had NDE’s) and the « Final Judgement, » which shall take place at the end of ages, and is written about in the books of Daniel, Matthew and Revelation.

      In short, it is the estimation of this author that the author of the above article, in failing to recognize the reality of the « Particular Judgement, » has come to the erroneous conclusion that the reported phenomena of NDE’s are not congruent with Biblical theology and, for that reason, ought not be regarded as credible. Yet, in failing to adhere to the sound teaching of the Magisterium of the Church, who alone is the sole body that has been entrusted, by Christ, with the task of definitively interpreting Sacred Scripture, the author of the « NDE » article above has come to the erroneous conclusion that NDE’s have no place in Christian Theology. Quite to the contrary, it is the conviction of this author (Jay Brunelle) that such experiences both support the teaching of the Church on this issue and attest, from a phenomenological vantage point, to the credibility of the existence of life after life.

  2. Caro Padre Steven, grazie per la tua testimonianza; vale più di tante prediche. Ma il Signore Gesù che valore ha dato al bene che tu hai fatto?

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