Is Salvation Possible for Non-Catholics?

by Jayson Brunelle

The Church teaches that “there is no salvation outside the Church.”  This is a dogma of the faith, and must be given full assent of intellect and will by the faithful.  But doesn’t it seem harsh and even arrogant to state that only Catholics will be saved?  Let us set the record straight by stating that many persons, Catholics among them, possess a faulty understanding of the dogma.  When the Church makes this assertion, it is simply stating that, objectively speaking, the only way to enter into the fullness of the beatific vision is through Christ and His Church.  Christ began the work of redemption at the moment of the incarnation, where he reconciled humanity and divinity in his own person, and brought the work of redemption to completion by offering Himself as the spotless victim on the altar of the cross, taking our place and suffering for our sins.  (more…)