Sacred Scripture on Abortion

Give Un-Born Women the Right to Choose!

By Jayson M. Brunelle

Since the nation-wide legalization of abortion via the Supreme Court decision in the landmark case of Roe vs. Wade, media giants with radical left-wing, liberal biases and agendas have erroneously and insidiously been promoting and promulgating abortion as a “fundamental right of women” and a “women’s health issue,” while entirely ignoring the overwhelming scientific research that has clearly indicated a statistically significant correlation amongst women who have had at least one abortion in their lives and the subsequent occurrence of profound physiological and psychological pathology.  The liberal media simply cannot be excused for their utter negligence regarding their failure to report scientific facts regarding an issue that simply would not be nearly as “controversial” as it is had it not been for a concerted effort to manipulate the minds of the masses by feeding them a steady stream of mis-information regarding this issue. (more…)