Devotion to the Most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ

Devotion to the Most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, the Greatest Devotion of our Times!

A most beautiful, profoundly sanctifying devotion to the Precious Blood of Christ is available through the Apostolate of the Precious Blood.  For more detailed information, I encourage you to click on the link to this Apostolate.  Marian Apostolate Ministries wholeheartedly supports this marvelous, urgent, timely and necessary devotion, referred to by Our Lady as the “Greatest devotion of our times.”

For additional information regarding this tremendous devotion to Our Lord’s Most Precious Blood, as well as information on how to obtain the devotional books associated with the devotion which contain all the necessary prayers to perform the devotion in full, please click here.

Aims and Objectives of the Apostolate

In keeping with the Devotion to the Most Precious Blood as given by Our Lord Jesus Christ in Little Barnabas Nwoye in Nigeria, this apostolate is principally devoted to prayer with the following aims and objectives:

1. To reawaken people’s minds and interests on the Precious Price of their Redemption; Precious Blood.

2. For members/devotees to do reparation for their sins and the sins of the whole world.

3. To console the wounded Agonizing Heart of Jesus by means of prayers and sacrifices.

4. To adore the Crucified Love, especially His Presence in the Holy Eucharist.

5. To wipe the bloody Face of Jesus among the needy, the helpless, the sick, the despairing, the afflicted, the oppressed and the neglected ones ect.

6. To campaign for purity for Christ.

7. To remind us how to pray as Christ has taught us, and to call back lost sheep who have wandered into strange religious pastures.

For more information on this Apostolate, or to obtain contact information, please visit:

Publisher (International Edition of Prayer Book)

Queenship Publishing

P.O. Box 220 Goleta, CA 93116

For Books and Sacraments

Toll Free: (800) 647 – 9882

Ouside the US: (int’l access code) (805) – 692 – 0043

13 thoughts on “Devotion to the Most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ

  1. All hands should be on deck for this end time fight for is a fight to finish. And our spiritual weapons is Devotion to the Precious Blood, to the Two United Hearts, to the Most Holy Face, to the Holy Wounds. Follow me on my FB Notes to deepen your devotion to the Our Redeemer, Holy Ghost and Our one and only dearest Mother and Queen of my heart and soul Ever Blessed Most Loving Mary who dragged me to this site.

  2. Our Lord has chosen the Igbo race as a selected group although a fallout from Jewish nation for the end time battle. The case of Barnabas is real way back in 1998 or their about in my home Nsukka I had booklet of the precious blood prayer and in a chapel I thought of how to reduce it into a small leaflet, so that many people can get it. And doubted if it will not amount to piracy Our Lord told me that he Barnbas will not work alone that I can go ahead and that he is going to bring many others to work with him. Today I am surprised to see that what started as a rumour and persecution in a remote village in my state Enugu in the heart of Igbo Nation Our Lord has transported it to the entire globe. The Devotion is real and many more will be brought by Our Lord and the Mother to work with Barnabas, therefore harden not your heart when he locates you for the work. As I speak to you I have not been there but Our Lord has told me about his mission there. I has been chosen by Our Lord to spread the devotion to His Most Holy Face and another for the spread of Two United Hearts in this state Enugu State all points to the Calvary victory which is the end time shield for any believer period.

  3. Where can I buy the Agonizing Crucifix? Is this one that has the following written on the cross. “I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ who loves you” besides the “INRI”? Was this approved? A friend’s priest friend commented that there should only be the INRI.

    • MaryAnn,

      Thank you for corresponding! The Agonizing Crucifix is truly an amazing sacramental that Christ has given to His Church Militant through the visionary, Barnabas Nwoye. These private revelations, which include the entirety of the “Devotion of the Most Precious Blood of our Lord, Jesus Christ,” have received both the Nihil Obstat and the Imprimatur (not to mention a most enthusiastic endorsement) by the local ordinary, Bishop Ayo-Maria Atoyebi, O.P., of the Diocese of Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria, where these events have transpired. Thus, both the devotion of the Most Precious Blood Of Jesus Christ and the private-revelations and messages, from which the devotion emerged, have, indeed, been approved by the Catholic Church, which leaves to the discretion of the local Bishop the authority of making official pronouncements on such matters, which, ultimately, extend to the Church universal.

      In response to your question regarding what may and may not be inscribed onto a crucifix, to the best of this author’s knowledge, there exists no “rule” that a Crucifix must only contain the inscription, “INRI,” which is the latin abbreviation for, “Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews.” Take, for example, the Franciscan Cross of San Damiano, before which St. Francis of Assisi was so fond of praying. This particular depiction of Christ crucified is a highly unique representation of Christ’s salvific act of Redemption. Essentially, provided the Cross or Crucifix in question is an accurate, sacred depiction of the theological Truths regarding the redemption of Christ, in keeping with Magisterial teaching, artists are free to depict the Passion of Christ according to the unique gifts and inspirations that they have received, assuming the depiction is theologically accurate and conveys the true and authentic message of what the image is supposed to represent.

      Finally, the official devotional books may be obtained from Queenship Publishing, P.O.Box 220, Goleta, CA 93116. Their email address is: Phone number: (800) 647-9882. The “Agonizing Crucifix” may be obtained from: Precious Blood Apostolate-USA (American Headquarters in Texas), Mrs. Aurora Protomarir, P.O.Box 281, Alief, Texas 77411-0281, USA. Telephone: (281) 933-8226; E-mail:; Website:

      I hope this information is helpful! Please be assured of my daily prayers for you, your intentions and your loved ones. Moreover, Marian Apostolate would greatly benefit from your prayers as well!

      In Christ and His Most Holy Mother,

      Jay Brunelle

      • Hi Jay,

        Are ALL the messages been approved by the Bishop? Here is an example I read.

        Day 2 – 2 July 1997, 9:00pm
        In this second day of the first novena, Barnabas was led by an angel in a
        vision to an underground world. There he saw a great number of soldiers
        all marked with the number 666 and worshipping the Beast. The angel then
        led him to a strong house which held a great set of computers.
        The Angel said,“Son of man, these people you see here, are from every
        country of the world. They were chosen by demons for the attack in the
        time of the coming persecution, the hour of the evil government. With the aid
        of this computer, all men will be marked. Pray now and get ready so as to
        endure to the end.”

        The angel vanished. Then the Sacred Head of Jesus appeared in a cloud.
        He came closer and said; “Children pray much now that there is time. Soon
        this underground government will come out and rule the earth. With their
        computer, many people will be marked. All who receive the mark will be
        destroyed. At that time, everything laid outside My Precious Blood will be
        lost. Anyone who calls on my Precious Blood will be filled with faith. Many
        will only find mercy in my Precious Blood. I say to you my loving children
        pray harder now. Teach others how to pray. Let all men consecrate
        themselves to my Precious Blood. I love you, I bless you all.”
        Day 2 Meditation:
        This particular message has a lot to do with, and is a further confirmation
        of the doctrine of the anti-christ in the book of Revelation. While the
        children of God are adoring the Most Holy Trinity on High, the men of the
        under world are busy down below worshipping the Great Beast “with seven
        heads and ten horns” (Rev.13:11). Many of us know about the number of
        the beast, 666 (Rev. 13:18), and there are already widespread rumors
        about plans to put computer chips in everyone. This message brings all this
        into stark reality. The visionary saw those who have the mark and the
        great computer used to fashion it. We are moving towards an evil
        government that is destined specifically for this. We must watch for this
        and be ready. The Lord tells us the way to victory is to be firm in the faith,
        pray ceaselessly and be consecrated to His Precious Blood.
        *Today we pray for our governments and all civil leaders.

    • In Nigeria, Africa only. The rest from other parts are fake and do not carry all those blessings from Jeus. Be aware! Even with the Precious Blood devotional book must be aware where you buy these.There is a lady in Florida that is publishing these books and there is queenship. Heard that none should buy from this lady because, Barnaba’s bishop had asked her to stop publishing but she stops at nothing. Hopefully, the Seer can some day clarify us with all these confusion.

  4. Yes! I was there when it happened. It was marvellous. A well prepared spritual programme that left us the memory of the strange sign in the sky on friday being the d-day just some minutes past 6 in the evening. It was indeed great

  5. A great devotion indeed,am so happy to witness this yr’s reparation @ Holy Land of Adoration,and mounting of the Agonizing Crucifix.

    • Yes, the Agonizing Crucifix is most powerful, indeed! There are a number of marvelous promises associated with the veneration of the Agonizing Crucifix, in particular. Actually, that would make for a marvelous post – that is, promoting devotion to the Agonizing Crucifix and listing the promises made by Christ to those who venerate this particular sacramental. Thank you for your comments, and please be assured of my prayers for you and your loved ones. Peace in the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary!

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