“Mankind is at a Tipping Point”


How small and tiny are my words compared to the greatness of the problems and the darkness which fills the world.  Yet, anyone with faith will believe that my words, my plans and my actions will save the world.  I must, therefore, speak of the future so my children understand.

Do not expect me to openly intervene by great visions to world leaders or by great miracles that turn back the violence.  Do not expect me to sweep over the world and in one day return all to sanity and peace.  These actions are too apocalyptic, reserved for Jesus’ final coming.

My plans are not for a final coming, but for a drawing of all creation into a heavenly reality, for a restoration of earth and a continuing of human history.  Obviously that history is being challenged by the greatest evils that have ever existed.  Mankind is at a tipping point, when life suddenly might go from light to darkness, from order to chaos.   These are not apocalyptic words as if some heavenly power is about to chastise.  These are earthly words, the daily realities that fill the news.

What will take place?  The events will preach to all who care to listen.  The true state of affairs will become evident to all.  I am speaking now, before all the events happen, so my words can be recorded and believed.  They will be believed more after the events than before.  Even then, it will not be too late.  However, the time is very, very short.  I prophesied that 2015 would be the year for the beginning of the events and that October 13, 2017 (the 100th anniversary of Fatima) is a very important date.  So, you can see that history is moving quickly into this time period.

I would speak to different groups.  To you who know me and love me, whom I call Children of the Locutions, now is the time for the greatest fervor.  Your families must grow and your children must experience joys, but you also must gather much more for family prayer and daily devotions.  You must examine your lifestyles and act according to the words of St. Paul, “I tell you brothers, time is running out.  For the world in its present form is passing away”          (1Cor.7: 29-31).   I will be with you in your quest for a deeper life of faith.

To all the others, I say this.  Let these events preach to you.  You have been blinded by the world and its passing glory.  Let the events help you, now, to see that the world in its present form is passing away.  If you but ask, I will come to you and show you my new path for your life.

Cited from http://www.locutions.org/

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