Apparition of the Queen of the Rosary, June 27th, 2015, Received by Edson Glauber

Our_Lady_Of_The_Rosary_With_St_DominicRe-printed from:


Today during the apparition the most Blessed Mother didn’t give a message, but showed me an important vision: she appeared holding the Infant Jesus in her arms. In her right hand was a rosary which shone brightly, to her right was St Peter with a book and keys, and to her left St Paul, who held a book and a sword. They were enveloped in a light which was not as strong as the light radiating from the Infant Jesus. Below them was the globe representing the whole world.
During the apparition the Infant Jesus asked St Peter to hand him the keys and he obeyed. As soon as he had given the keys St Peter knelt and kept his head bowed in prayer. Where he was, the light that had been radiating disappeared and it became darker, only remaining bright where the Virgin was with Jesus and St Paul.
At this moment the globe below them began to be wrapped around by a large crown of thorns which wanted to dominate everything. I understood these to be difficult moments which the Church and the world were to go through, times of trial, spiritual darkness and great confusion. Our Lady, seeing what was happening and as Mother of the Church, concerned for the salvation of all, lowered her right hand in the direction of the globe, and her rosary slowly moved towards the world and around the globe. Our Lady’s rosary kept moving, turning around the world and shining brightly. I understood that she was causing her children throughout the world who believed in her apparitions and messages, to pray more and to intercede for the Church of her Divine Son and for humanity. The rosary was descending lower and lower, radiating such a strong light that the horrible crown of thorns was driven away from the globe, leaving it and being destroyed, leaving only the rosary as a sign of victory over evil and the difficult times. It was at this moment that Our Lady looked at St Paul who, as if understanding what she was saying to him, went to where St Peter was, and kneeling beside him, prayed together with him. And where St Peter was again became bright with that light. Our Lady then looked at her Divine Son and prayed to him on behalf of the Church and the world. The Infant Jesus, seeing that humanity was praying and accepted his most Holy Mother’s request, listened to her request to give the keys to St Peter once again, but the Infant Jesus gave the keys into Our Lady’s hands, who as Mother of the Church gave them into the hands of St Peter. She and the Infant Jesus gave us their blessing and the vision ended.


  1. Invariably the keys of heavenly gate is with Holy Mary therefore we have to see our devotion to the prayer of Holy Rosary as that key that Holy Mary will use to open the heavenly paradise for us.

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