The Passing of Fr. Benedict Joseph Groeschel

The Catholic World Loses a Hero, Gains a Saint

by Jayson M. Brunelle

Fr. Benedict Joseph Groeschel, C.F.R., priest, friar, psychologist, retreat master, talk-show host and founder of countless charitable organizations, including his own Catholic order of Franciscans – the Capuchin Friars of the Renewal – providentially passed into his eternal reward on October 3rd at 11:00 PM, the vigil of the Feast of St. Francis.  He was 81.

Having taken his name from St. Benedict Joseph Labre – patron of the mentally ill and the homeless – Fr. Benedict spent his life giving to and caring for this same cohort – “the true treasures of the Church” – the little, the marginalized, the impoverished, the abandoned, the voiceless, the weak, the vulnerable.  In order to most effectively carry out this life of ceaseless prayer for and service to the poor, in a radical imitation of Christ, he was inspired to renew the Capuchin Franciscan Order, of which he had been a member, thereby founding the Capuchin Franciscans of the Renewal (CFR’s).  He preached the perennial truths of the Gospel of Christ Jesus with all the eloquence of a poet, the wisdom of a sage, the knowledge of a scholar, the faith of a child and the love of a saint. We may have lost a dear friend and Spiritual Father, but we have undoubtedly gained a powerful intercessor.  Fr. Benedict, may your soul be irradiated with the divine light, life and love of God for all eternity.

May his soul, and those of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.  Amen.

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  1. Oh what loss to us,what a joy for him! So loved this man,he was truly a gift from God in my journey.
    Two weeks ago I purchased more of his books,which I will treasure! Thankyou Lord for Fr. Groeschel.
    Hope we can meet in heaven.

    1. Caroline, I agree with your sentiments wholeheartedly. Fr. Benedict was instrumental in my journey as well; particularly, when I was discerning a vocation to the priesthood. He personified the gifts of the Holy Spirit: Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding, Piety, Fortitude, Fear of the Lord & Counsel. Moreover, his ability to see and serve Christ in every soul he encountered was a true manifestation of the heroic charity that burned perpetually, as a sanctuary lamp, in his saintly soul. Let us pray that, if it be in accord with God’s holy will, that he might be numbered among the Church’s recognized and canonized saints; that, by being elevated to the honor of the altar, all might come to rely on his most powerful intercession.

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