Today is First Saturday

The Immaculate Heart of Mary

The Immaculate Heart of Mary

Just a friendly reminder to all my brothers and sisters: Today is First Saturday.  For the many folks out there who are well aware of this marvelous devotion and who have been practising and spreading it for many years, please excuse this little re-cap:

In a vision of Our Lady to Sr. Lucy – the oldest of the three children to whom Our Lady appeared in the Cova di Iria at Fatima, our Heavenly Mother  promises to assist, with all the graces necessary for Eternal Salvation, any soul who, for five consecutive First Saturdays, shall  (1) have recourse to the Sacrament of Reconciliation; (2) devoutly hear Mass and receive Our Eucharistic Lord, in Holy Communion; (3) pray at least five decades of the Holy Rosary; (4) spend at least 15 minutes, with Our Lady, meditating on all 20 mysteries that comprise the Holy Rosary; (5) and perform each of the above stated actions with a firm intention of making reparation, in atonement for the many sins committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary, at this critical point in human history.

Can there be any greater joy, any greater consolation, than knowing that, at that most critical and decisive hour of our entire lives, which, simultaneously, shall constitute the hour of our death, Our Lady promises to be present to the soul and to attain for it all the graces necessary for salvation?!  Who amongst us would be so foolish as to pass by this most profound assurance of salvation, especially in times such as ours, when so many souls have unwittingly become the pawns of Satan’s diabolic plan to seduce the world in an ever so insidious and surreptitious manner.

Whether this will be your first celebration of the First Saturday Devotion, your last, or another attempt to begin anew, it is my earnest desire and prayer that you, who are reading these words, might know that Our Lady has brought you to this message for a reason.  Nothing happens “by accident, chance or coincidence.”  Both Our Lord and Our Lady, whose Hearts beat in a perfect unison of divine love, are calling you, beckoning you, to unite your little heart, so full of defects, self-love, confusion and coldness, into the warmth, the light, the selflessness and the perfection of the very Divine Life of God, made available to you through that most profound love and generosity of God, Who cannot wait to receive each and every prodigal child who is willing to return to Him.

Ave Maria!

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  1. Your reminder is great. If any has not done it start now. Even if you have done so thrice nothing stops you from doing it better, Holy Mary is telling us our own part let us do it for she never fails and will never fail in accomplishing her own part of Her motherly promise to us. Ave.

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