Tips on Deliverance Ministry

Attribution: By Master MS [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons; follows is my response to Vincent, a gentleman who asked for some tips regarding Deliverance Ministry. It is his intention to commence his ministry in Los Angeles, the “City of Angels,” which, most unfortunately, happens to be a hub of demonic activity.  The worldly allure of fame and fortune, along with the omnipresent “cult of the body,” coincide to give rise to one of the most hedonistic, materialistic and narcissistic of geographical “hot-spots” on the planet.  Thus, the “City of Angels” is, more precisely, the “City of Fallen Angels.”  Let us keep Vincent and his necessary ministry in our daily prayers.

Ave Maria!

Pax et Bonum, Vincent

Wonderful to hear that you’ve responded to this unique calling! Please be assured of my prayers for you, the success of your ministry, and all the souls that our Lord and our Lady shall entrust to you pastoral care.

This epoch in which we live is, sadly, one of great darkness; yet, the apparent crucifixion of Christ’s Mystical Body, the Church, must take place for the sake of Her purification, in order to render Christ’s Bride “without stain or wrinkle,” in perfect imitation of Mary. For, Mary is both Mother and Model of what the Church shall be when its Bridegroom comes in all His Glory, to forever espouse His Mystical Bride, the Church. This shall constitute the New Era of Justice, Holiness, Peace and genuine Christian Fraternity amongst all, who shall become truly one body in Christ.

The glorious unity that is the necessary consequence of Divine Love, this latter being wrought through the binding action of the Third Person of the Holy Trinity, the Holy Spirit, or the “Principle of Unification,” is precisely what drives the Evil One mad; for, it is his greatest desire to sow the seeds of separation, confusion, misunderstanding, communication breakdowns, resentment, jealousy & envy, bitterness, pride (particularly spiritual pride, which is, by far, the most infectious of all spiritual ills, spoiling and rendering poisonous whatever good may have existed at one time).

Thus, in response, I shall list what I consider to be the “Top-Ten” most important principles to be aware of when engaging in spiritual combat:

1) Be sure that you are in a state of Grace prior to engaging in any deliverance prayers or exercises; this is the most fundamental rule.

2) Read the marvelous books written by Neal Lozano, who is an authority in this arena.

3) Formally consecrate yourself, and all the members of your prayer-team, to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, that she might seal you with her motherly seal, which serves as a shield which shall surely protect you from the snares and attacks of the Evil One.

4) Keep in mind the single most powerful prayer that you can pray for the liberation of a soul, after the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, is the Holy Rosary of Our Lady.

5) Always invoke the assistance of all the saints and angels by praying the litany of the saints during every and any deliverance session.

6) Obtain a Benedictine Crucifix (which is a regular Crucifix which has the Jubilee Medal of St. Benedict the Abbot embedded within the center of the cross, where the two beams intersect. Be sure to have a priest bless the powerful Sacramental with the official exorcism blessing that was written b y the Benedictine Monks, and has proven to be extremely powerful within a deliverance session.

7) Obtain and use copious amounts of Holy, Blessed and Exorcised Water, Salt and Oil. The blessings for these can be found on my site, and any priest has the power to impart these special and extremely powerful blessings.

8) Invoke the aid of St. Joseph, who is the “Terror of Demons,” and St. Michael the Archangel in particular.

9) Pray constantly for the humility to be ever increasingly aware that you are merely a conduit through which the Spirit carries out His work; We who labor in His vineyard are, every one of us, “wounded healers.” The more wounded, and the greater the number of battle scars, the better!

10) Remember, the Lord will use you to continue His mission of deliverance and healing, insofar as you maintain a deeply personal, profoundly intimate, all-loving relationship with Him. “Certain demons can only be driven out through prayer and fasting;” Pray that Our Lady might clothe you with the very faith that she possessed while on earth, for healing and deliverance are more a consequence of the faith of the minister that the faith of the one asking for healing or deliverance. Moreover, never underestimate the profound power of fasting. According to Our Lady of Medjugorje, all persons ought to make a habit of fasting strictly on bread and water, preferable on Wednesdays and Fridays, which are the two days of the week that have traditionally, since the very beginning of Christianity, been set aside for penance, self-denial, mortification of the senses, etc.

I hope that I have been able to be of some small assistance to you, as you begin your journey of ministry. I encourage you to stay in touch, and may I request that you might offer a few Ave’s for me, my wife and Marian Apostolate of the Laity.

In the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary,


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