The Miraculous, Scientifically Inexplicable, Incorrupt Bodies of Great Catholic Saints


  1. The incorrupt body of Blessed Pope John XXIII was placed in a glass case on the main level of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, where I viewed the incorrupt remains of the Holy Father in February 2007. The burial site beneath the basilica so vacated is currently the burial place of Blessed Pope John Paul II.

  2. They are great witness that God cherishes the total commitment of this hero’s of faith. It is a conviction that God has created in His own image and likeness and if we live a life respecting our body, uplifting our spirit in justice and love of God, we will not be far from that. It equally and authentic proved that on the last day our body will be raised to face Divine Justice. But question today is why is there a great decline in this miracle happening today. It can still happen but let you be the next to be celebrated, it can be possible if we imitate the lives of this our Saints. It equally shows that God Almighty is a caring and very loving Father. Remember there some that He took to heaven straight from the earth, like the Body of Our dearest Mother Ever Blessed Most kind hearted Mary. God is disposed to shower His love on us be it is you and me that is distancing ourselves from His Holy Will.

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