Blood and Water, Grace and Mercy, Life and Love

By Jay Brunelle

Upon reflection of what this author considers to be a phenomenal philosophical insight observed by Aquinas regarding God’s revelation of His name to Moses as “I Am,” and how perfectly Thomistic / Scholastic Philosophy explains that God is the sole being whose “essence” and “existence” are one and the same, it seems, to this author, that this reality possesses a depth that remains to be more fully explored.

Firstly, it is of God’s essence to exist. God cannot not exist – He MUST exist. Moreover, God does not simply exist, as, say, a rock exists. Rather, God’s existence is the most excellent form of existence: the absolute fullness of Divine Life.  God, as the sole Necessary Being, the First Cause, Himself un-caused, the standard of perfection for all things that exist/live, possesses the perfection of Divine Life within Himself, causing, as He does, His own Existence (a metaphysical reality that far surpasses the human mind’s ability to comprehend; thus, we may refer to this truth as supra-rational: above and beyond reason, but not contrary to it).  Thus, we may state that God is the source and summit of all life – all things that possess life come forth from Him and, ultimately, find their fulfillment in Him.  God is both the origin and the destination of all life.  Moreover, God is the sole Necessary being, while all else that exists is contingent (upon the will of God, Who not only brings contingent beings into existence, but additionally, holds and maintains them in existence).

Furthermore, Scripture states that “God is love” (1 Jn 4:16). God, as a multiplicity (Trinity) of Divine Persons, explains how it is that God is love.  For, if we define love as a reciprocal relationship between two persons, it becomes evident that if God were a solitary Divine Person (the term “person” being defined as a being who possesses the rational faculties of intellect and freewill, both of which are essential to the existence of a relationship of love), His essence could not be love.  For, as stated above, love presupposes the existence of more than one person.  According to Church teaching, the Father eternally begets the Son.  Certainly, the Son inherits the fullness of all the Father possesses, including the fullness of His Divinity; yet, the Father possesses a primacy, for, were it not for the Father, the Son would not be eternally begotten of Him.  Due to the perfection of their Divine, Father-Son relationship, the Father, as such, loves the Son with an absolutely perfect fatherly love.  Likewise, the son, having inherited the fullness of all the Father is and has, reciprocates this love.  Thus, there exists a perfect reciprocity of divine love.  Moreover, as the Church has long taught, love, by its nature, is fruitful; it is necessarily fecund.  Thus, the divine love between the Father and the Son is so metaphysically profound that it blossoms into a Third Divine Person; that is, the divine personification of the love between the Father and the Son.  Hence, the Holy Spirit of God is the Love of God, the principle of unification, who binds the three Person of the Trinity in a true oneness of love, which constitutes their essence.  We see this Trinitarian imprint in the human family, whereby the love between the husband and wife, in its full conjugal expression, gives rise to a third person, who personifies that very love.  Love, then, leads to life. Thus, we may state that Love and Life comprise two dimensions of God’s essence, not unlike two sides of the same coin.

It is precisely this truth that lies at the heart of the devotion of the Divine Mercy, for in this devotion, the following prayer is dictated to Faustina: “O Blood and Water, which gush forth from the Heart of Jesus as a fount of Mercy for us, I trust in You.” The Blood of Christ, among other things, is the refreshment of souls which enables human souls who partake of the Eucharistic Banquet to participate in the very Divine Life of God Himself, grafting and uniting us ever more perfectly to the Mystical Body of Christ, the Church; for, it is only through, with and in Christ, as members of His Mystical Body and unworthy recipients of His freely given Grace, that we are rescued from the death of sin. The Water is the cleansing Water of Baptism, whereby the soul is sacramentally immersed in the Mercy of God, Who, for the sake of His Son’s sorrowful Passion, forgives us of the Original Sin and any personal sins that may have been committed.

To come full circle, then, we can see how those two most fundamental aspects of God’s essence that were spoken of above – Life and Love – correspond to the two most fundamental and essential of all of the many gifts of God: Grace and Mercy. Hence, the radical importance of those two most fundamental and vital of all Sacraments:  (1) The Holy Eucharist, which imparts the Grace, or the Divine Life of God, Whose essence is to exist; and (2) Baptism, which imparts the Mercy, or the forgiveness of God, Whose essence is to Love.  It would seem, then, that God’s Life and God’s Love comprise one composite reality. Hence, the two most fundamental Sacraments of the Church truly mirror and bring about the very essence of God within our souls: His divine Life and divine Love, which are One and the same.

Let us, then, pray to the Blessed Virgin Mary, Our Spiritual Mother and true Mediatrix, that she might intercede on our behalf, and on behalf of all souls – especially those who are the furthest away from God and, consequently, most in need of His Mercy – that she might obtain for each of us all the grace we need to ever-more perfectly cooperate with the Holy Will of God, which is love and mercy itself.

3 thoughts on “Blood and Water, Grace and Mercy, Life and Love


    Our reflections for the Net-Work of Prayer to usher in the Month September; and hand over all our activities for the Month to our treasure Ever Blessed Virgin Mary and Her Son’s Most Holy Face which we console.

    Theme: Forgiveness as the surest way to defeat wickedness and lack of appreciation:
    The mysterious Blood of the Lamb washes away our inequities, our drenched soul in its darkness of sin rises up anew like a plant growing out from the closest of sin.

    Unforgiveness on its own is a Bondage, an evil spirit that harasses us and makes us unhappy by rashly drawing back to our memory hurts we suffered from the hands of people both close and distant people to us.
    Unforgiveness has the power if yielded to fully to drive away joy from us whenever it pleases it. It troubles your spirit, confuses your understanding, makes your heart distressed and leads to collapse in your goals and endeavour. Graces comes to us through the Holy Ghost, and a forgiven heart is His abode.
    We must through prayers seek for grace and what is grace consists of is a supernatural gift that changes the life of the person who acquires it. If he had sins he would mend his ways, if he was offending God, he would stop offending him. If Our Lord says to him follow me, he follows Him in spite of the worse tortures because the Grace of God has reached his heart.
    Therefore consistently rebuff the spirit of unforgiveness by pronouncing verbally and truly from your heart that you have forgiven the one in the incident, the wicked spirit is projecting to you is the key to access the grace of God’s forgiveness and prospering in virtue and maintaining an equilibrium in your emotional, psychological and physiological self and appreciating the more the mysteries in love, encouragement and favour of God.
    You follow the verbal pronouncement by asking God to give you the grace, which most people have lost by their act of pride as you do so sincerely your heart will be opened up to this miraculous grace like early morning flower yawning for the sun.
    This grace will come into your heart and once in your heart, it I the Grace of God. Christ himself who acts, who proactively acts and points out to you the true road to life’s blessings. Grace is unique, it is special and is given to those who sincerely ask for it and desire to reach perfection and to be happy and rejoice for all eternity. Having peace of mind in afflictions, turbulence, wickedness of oppressors and brutal and heart wrecking disappointments as a result of the healing balm that flows from the fountain of Gods grace which defiles all strangulating evil oppositions. You acquire it by asking and living a life that desires and yawns for truth, holiness, uprightness and creative growth in virtue.
    All is asking for forgiveness and realizing that it is not enough, but that must be followed by changing the way you live for if you don’t change the way you live there is no conversion. We need equally to remember that if we receive communion in mortal sin that it is a grave offense against God.
    Forgiveness purifies our soul and draws it upper and upper towards the hunger for perfection, peace and healing that flows from a holy communion well received. The whole world is not enough to adore a consecrated host enough, Our Lord told me. Be prepared very well and be in a state of Grace before you receive Holy Communion and showing reference is key, and also meditate on the passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ, dialogue with Him asking for Graces to forgive totally and wholly. A clean heart and joyful heart is one that has understandably rejected and purges itself constantly from retention of any speck of unforgiving hurt.
    Holiness rooted in forgiveness consists in being peaceful, in having God in our hearts. If you have this grace you will not enjoy all those things, which delight and please so many people. Don’t give bad examples to children, don’t allow them watch the bad examples of others or internalize such.
    You must be a light to them acquiring the virtues that you lack. If you have a bad temtper try to be calm and gentle. Try to be patience, forgiven, so that they will see the love that lives and radiates in your heart, so that they will understand and begin to know the love and power in total forgiveness.
    Today every one feels empty, they feel sad, and they feel they have lost God, or had the fear always because they don’t have God in their hearts. We retain the string of unforgiveness by repeating the wicked adage that ropes, drags back the past hurt by maintaining that “I can forgive but not forget or that it is easy to forgive but hard to forget”. They are in the same boat, if you forgive and refuse to forget, you have like an Ostrich that buried the head in the sand while exposing the tail. The unforgiveness contains all the forces of hatred, recoiling, sadness, revenge, depression and deception that lead to more evil decisions.
    This evil adage cannot be heard from the mouth of the Saints, rather they take joy and harvest blessings from total and eradicating powers of forgiveness that leads to the enjoying of the fruits of true holiness and virtues. This infinite power of forgiveness replenishes the heart, and rebuilds the walls of a heart fractured by the deadly blows of unforgiveness. Read, meditate and reflect on Psalm 130:4; Mark 3:29; Acts 5:31; Acts 13:38; Acts 26: 18; Ephesians 1:7and Colossians 1:14.
    Our Lord say to me “ Forgiveness creates a road of peace in the heart”. God has never lied, can never lie and would never lie, so go to Psalm 91 and believe stoutly what you read and work with it. Give food to the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, comfort the broken hearted and those who mourn, visit the sick and prisoners, give help to the blind and help the suffering souls who are homeless. Remember that spiritual reading inspires, instructs, corrects, refreshes etc. It is one would say “lived theology”, maintained Bishop emeritus Michael Eneje.

    by Dr. Ezekiel Mary Pillar Onah.

  2. Wow, think I understood the words “and, but, if, or” in your post. Way above my head. Maybe you can dumb this down for me?

  3. Most Holy Face Adoration Ministry:
    The Soul is saved the day he uncovers the essence and fundamental reason to believe. The Blood of Jesus has been offered to us prodigal children to come & wash our soul & mark it with the Blood that make Satan who roams to come battle with you but be washed off by the blood.
    We are saved today, just that day that you journey from convertion to conviction and finally to believe. God rested on 7th day, and decreed that all must labour before coming into rest.

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