Alleluia, He is Risen!

resurrection - public domainAlleluia, He is Risen!  On this joyous and blessed Easter Sunday, let us take refuge in these most consoling words of Our Heavenly Mother, and allow ourselves to truly enter into the profound peace of this glorious Easter Season:

“Today I communicate to…all my beloved children, the joy experienced by my Heart when Jesus came into the little room in which I was staying, and, in the divine splendor of His glorified body, leaned down to implant a kiss upon the face of His Mother, while in profound adoration I bathed the marks of His luminous wounds with tears of joy.  ‘Peace to you, peace to all!’  With my risen Son, I repeat it again to you.  Let nothing disturb your peace!

“…. Jesus, risen and alive, is among you!

“He is guiding the vicissitudes of the world and of history, according to the designs of His merciful love, for the salvation of all of His redeemed brothers.

“Therefore, in Jesus, Life and Resurrection, peace to you in a joy that is pure and supernatural.  Peace to all in the paschal joy of Christ.  To the Pope and to all, my blessing in the name of the glorified Father, the risen Son, and the Holy Spirit, bestowed upon you as a gift.”

Excerpted from, To the Priests, Our Lady’s Beloved Sons;

April 3, 1983 – Easter Sunday (Message 263, 18th Edition, pg. 351)

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