Extremely Reputable Locutions May Shed Light on Upcoming Papal Conclave, Impending Purification and Soon Fulfilment of Fatima Prophecies

What follows is a reprint of a vitally important message from the Blessed Virgin Mary that may well shed considerable light on events that are in the process of unfolding regarding the upcoming papal conclave, a future papacy (which very well could be the next and last in this current era), the future of the Church and the world.  Based on the deeply significant spiritual experiences of the Monsignor who is serving as the spiritual director of the individual receiving these alleged locutions (St. Padre Pio was this priest’s personal spiritual director and confessor, and later, this same priest, as a Monsignor, served as Blessed Mother Theresa’s personal spiritual director and confessor), coupled with the fact that this Monsignor, of tremendous repute, has personally discerned, for himself, what he believes to be the trustworthiness and authenticity of these locutions, it is the opinion of this author that, due to the profoundly important nature of the information contained within this particular collection of locutions, the following message ought to be reproduced and disseminated.  Since this author could not locate any notification of Copyright associated with this collection of private revelations, I presumed that it would be permissable to reproduce this message in it’s entirety.  If it turns out that I have made a mistake regarding my belief that these messages belonging to the Public Domain, I would greatly appreciate prompt notification of this, and shall remove this reprint from this website. To view the entire collection of locutions received by this particular locutionist, or to link directly to the origin of this message, please visit http://www.locutions.org/2012/01/a-future-papal-election/ . 


Jan 1st, 2012


As the door opens on this new year, the scene is familiar. The old problems carry over, refusing to be left behind. Now I must speak about my Church which carries the burdens of the centuries of sins that have weighed her down. She troops on valiantly, trying to free herself of the recent darkness, but unable to put all the stories behind her. Just when it seems that the scandals are over, new ones surface and are told everywhere. Such is my valiant Church, always trying to keep its light on the goodness of my Son, Jesus, but enduring the pain that the light is too often cast upon its own sins.

Yet, she remains my Church, the one I clutch to my heart and the Church that preaches my prerogatives. This will be her greatness. Let her not be ashamed to proclaim my Immaculate Heart. Let her exalt this heart and tell the world that it can be safe only in my heart. Let this devotion come to the foreground because those who come into my heart will find the Blessed Sacrament and the warmest devotion to my Son’s Real Presence.

The door opens out upon a new year filled with the unknown. How I want to guide mankind more than any other year. This year will begin the open confrontation between light and darkness, between the kingdom of my Son and the kingdom of Satan. I say “open confrontation” because the battle has always been going on, but this year the hidden forces will come out into the open. Satan wants to sweep away entire nations and he cannot accomplish this in hidden ways. Also, it will serve his purposes. Those who are committed to his darkness will rejoice in these victories and will look forward to their own victories.

The Church will have her own shakings. There will be the scandals, but these will be secondary. Much will come to light. Much will be uncovered. All of this is to purify, not to chastise. Only a purified Church can be my instrument in this special year.

Now I will come to the central point so there will be no mistake. The Cardinals will meet to elect a pope but an extraordinary intervention of God will occur that will alert the whole world to the special nature of this office. They will seek to discern this intervention, to grasp what is the will of God, but everything will not be clear at first. Some, however, will speak in divine wisdom and the search will begin to find the one whom God wants to raise up. He will not come forward at first, even though he knows that he is chosen by God. He will wait until the discussion is concluded and the Cardinals are settled. Then new manifestations will occur which will signal clearly the one whom the heavenly Father wants as his Pope. This will be a complete surprise to the world and to the Church but not to the one upon whom the mantle falls. This is my chosen son, the one whom I have picked. I want all of this to happen in a startling manner so the world and the Church know that this one was chosen by heaven, by God and not by men. He will be prepared because I will have prepared him. He will be the pope of Fatima and bring to fruition all of the gifts of Fatima, just in time to prepare the Church and the world for the Satanic onslaught.

Comment: The whole world pays great attention to papal elections. The next election will have some added signs of God’s hand.

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  1. I have tried the web address given above without success . I have a printed copy which is incomplete. It ends at the section of part 2 which has the heading “MARY” but what our Mother wishes to say is missing . Can you help please Jay ,I would be very glad to have the rest of this .
    Anna —– Pax Christi

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