Enter Into this Holy Night Through, With and In the Heart of the Immaculata

“The Epiphany” – The Holy Night

by Jayson M. Brunelle

The Holy Night is upon us.  Let us entrust ourselves to the Immaculate Heart of Mary through a renewal of our solemn consecration to that same Heart, in order to properly subject ourselves to enter into the mystery of this Holy Night.

The Logos, the Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity and the eternally begotten Son of God, who has inherited the fullness of His divinity from the Father, empties himself of his divinity and assumes a true human nature.  He is the God-man, who reconciles, in His very Person, God and humanity.

He is the longed-for Messiah, the Savior of the world; He about whom so many ancient, great Israelite prophets had spoken and whose countenance they longed to gaze upon.

Joseph, providentially chosen to be the earthly father of Jesus and the spouse of the Ever-Virgin Mary, located a safe, albeit poor and most humble shelter into which the Christ-Child could enter this cold world through the Blessed Virgin Mary.  She, preserved from every taint of original sin specifically and singularly for this exalted purpose, and truly “full of grace” as the angel Gabriel had greeted her, enjoyed a mystical union with the Most Holy Trinity as she gave birth to the Savior of the World, her son and her God.

On this Holy Night, Christmas Eve of 2011, let us allow ourselves to be possessed with the spirit of Mary, that we, too, may contemplate the true face of the promised, long-awaited King of Kings and Lord of Lords, the Christ Child.  Additionally, let us imitate Christ in this, the mystery of His Holy Infancy, by becoming like little children who are docile in their mothers arms and allow themselves to be nourished, provided for and protected by our Spiritual Mother Mary.

Marian Apostolate would like each reader to know that, in a heartfelt fashion, we wish you a truly Blessed Christmas.  Let us pray for each other as we participate in the Christmas Liturgy tonight or tomorrow.  May the serenity of the Infant Jesus be with you and yours!

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