Let us Rejoice in the Feast of the Immaculate Conception!

In 1854, Pope Pius IX infallibly declared, in the papal document, Ineffabilis Deus, that the Blessed Virgin Mary was conceived immaculate, without any taint of original sin.  The official pronouncement reads as follows:

“We declare, pronounce and define that the doctrine which holds that the Most Blessed Virgin Mary, at the first instant of her conception, was preserved immune from all stain of sin, by a singular grace and privilege of the Omnipotent God, in view of the merits of Jesus Christ,the Savior of the human race, was revealed by God and must be firmly and constantly believed by all the faithful.”

Let us pray to the Immaculate Conception that, through our total consecration to her, she clothe us with all of the virtues that make her so pleasing in God’s sight: her faith, hope, charity, purity and humility.  O Queen of heaven and earth, prepare us for the coming of your Son, our Savior, Jesus Christ, this Christmas, as we look forward to the Second Glorius Coming of Our Lord, which will coincide with the Triumph of your Immaculate Heart in each soul and in the wold.  Amen.


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