5 comments on “The “Apostolic Pardon” at the Hour of Death – Full Remission of Temporal Punishment Due to Sin

  1. I have asked our Lord ever since I was a little child to help me to skip over Purgatory and fly straight into Heaven and His embrace. I will be carrying this prayer about with me so that through His Grace, I may in the dying from this life, have my greatest prayer given. How wonderful is that! jane

  2. My wife received this wonderful & great blessing a few day before she passed away. What a wonderful gift to receive from the Catholic Church. I am so happy she is in Heaven. She was such a great person who lived a good & holy life, & she was so gentile. Dave.

    • Dear Dave,

      Thank you so very much for sharing this tremendous grace given to your saintly wife and to you, for your edification and consolation!!! That’s quite remarkable, indeed! Wow! I sincerely hope and pray that my wife and I will likewise be so blessed. BTW, I got quite a kick out of your email handle, “microwavedave” … Awesome!!! :-)

      Take Care, and May the Peace and Love of the Two Hearts be Always With You!


  3. My husband received this blessing on Ash Wednesday a few hours before he died. What a great gift we have in the Catholic Faith. Mary Ann

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